First day of school: odd

So school has finally started and today wasn’t really my day since I was a student to a new campus. I mean I got to see a lot of old friends which was practically the highlight of my day. So my classes today went down like this…

First block: I had to get to Spanish 1, but I accidentally walked into a Spanish 2 class because my friend told me the wrong number classroom and where it was.

Third block: This block wasn’t so bad since I have it with 3 very good friends. The only bad about this class is that my ex girlfriend and her recent ex boyfriend who tried to threaten me is also in this class…I know, awkward.

Fifth block: I fucking got lost to this class and went to another differnt subject class. So I had geometry this block but I went to a AP psychology class. I felt so stupid walking out of that classroom. I felt like a freshmen all over again. Ugh! This kid asked me for a piece of paper and didn’t even use it! He just used it to seem like he was working. I was like no bitch, don’t ask me for paper of you’re not gonna use it. Wasting my shit like that. No

Seventh block: I got to chillout and relax in this class because 4 very good friends are in there to keep me company. This fucking kid next to me kept fidgeting and hitting me everytime he would go into his backpack! I want to punch him in the eye so bad because it was so cramped and hot in the music room. It was also choir that I had for this block.

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Posted on Wednesday, 15 August
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  1. baikingu said: This stoopid chick who sat behind me in choir was taking up a bunch of space and wouldn’t give me any room to sit. Her knees were literally ON my back and she kept shoving shit into her backpack at the same time. I wanted to punch her, man. -__-
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